Addressing Multiple Sclerosis in Communities of Color

Martin M.S. Alliance Foundation

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Types of M.S.

Relapsing-Remitting M.S. - characterized by clearly defined attacks (relapses) followed by partial or completes recovery (remissions); most common form (70% at the time of diagnosis).

o Primary-Progressive M.S. - relatively rare (10 to 15% at time of diagnosis), people with this type of MS have a nearly continuous worsening of M.S. from the beginning with no clear relapses or remissions.

Secondary-Progressive - about half of people with relapsing-remitting M.S. start to worsen within 10 years of diagnosis, with the possibility of increasing levels of disability.

Progressive-relapsing - relatively rare, combines attacks with steady worsening and no remissions.

Benign M.S. - few attacks with long periods of remission and little disability after 15 years; about 20 - 25% of people who were diagnosed originally with relapsing-remitting M.S. have this type.

Malignant M.S. - rapidly progressive disability within five years of diagnosis; quite rare.