Mission & Objectives - To ensure under-represented communities have the support and education they need related to M.S., the Martin M.S. Alliance Foundation will perform the following primary functions:

1. Provide awareness and education about M.S.

2. Provide a community for M.S. constituents and stakeholders that includes communication, collaboration and education

3. Engage in M.S. data collection specifically related to Martin M.S. Alliance Foundation constituents

4. Build strategic alliances with organizations that can help provide assistance to Martin M.S. Alliance Foundation constituents and stakeholders

Activities to be performed later in the organization’s development may include:

1. Provide financial assistance to individuals with M.S.

2. Perform advocacy (non-political) for individuals with M.S. (coordinating with drug companies, nursing homes, etc.)

Missions & Objectives

Addressing Multiple Sclerosis in Communities of Color

Martin M.S. Alliance Foundation

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