Addressing Multiple Sclerosis in Communities of Color

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Do I have MS
You may be extra tired. Your vision may be blurred. Or maybe you have trouble concentrating. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you could have multiple sclerosis, or it could be something else entirely.

Some multiple sclerosis symptoms are similar to symptoms of other disorders of the central nervous system.

Either way, it’s important to find out why something isn’t right.

Talk to your doctor.

If you do have multiple sclerosis, early treatment can make a big difference.

Studies have shown that early multiple sclerosis treatment can slow the progression of the disease and may lead to a more successful treatment of M.S. 

How Will Your Doctor Find Out if You Have Multiple Scleroses?

Unlike some other diseases, there is no single test for multiple sclerosis. Your doctor will first assess your symptoms, the physical problems you've noticed, and check for other symptoms you may not have noticed, such as changes in eye movements or subtle changes in speech patterns.

If your doctor then suspects multiple sclerosis, he or she may order some other tests, such as an MRI scan or a spinal tap.

Don’t be afraid to seek helpfor your symptoms.

There are treatments for multiple sclerosis.

The sooner you get treated, the sooner you may be able to feel better

The Million Dollar Question - Do I Have M.S.