Addressing Multiple Sclerosis in Communities of Color

M.S. In Communities Of Color

o Why This is Important:  
AMA Apologizes to Black Doctors for Past Racism

July 11th, 2008 • By LINDSEY TANNER AP Medical Writer​
Transplant surgeon Clive Calendar has hurtful memories of being the only black doctor at medical meetings in the 1970s, met with stark silence when he pleaded for better access to transplant organs for blacks. So when the American Medical Association formally apologized Thursday for more than a century of policies [...]

“Who are the People with Multiple Sclerosis?” 
“We are your parents, your children, your brothers and sisters; we are the person down the street; we are that lady or fellow who may walk a little "funny" at the grocery store. - We are the face of Multiple Sclerosis. A face that is nearly every ethnicity; that comes from nearly every country, (M.S.) does not discriminate by social standing or class or financial or educational background or language or religion. -We are brave. We are fragile. We want to live, and we want to end it all. We look for support and we want to stand alone. We are every person. We are the People with Multiple Sclerosis. We are People, Just Like You....” - Virginia Sanchez

Black Women’s Health Imperative Celebrates 25 Years June 18th, 2008 • 
The Black Women’s Health Imperative (Imperative) will celebrate 25 years of creating a lasting legacy of well-being for African American women during its three-day anniversary celebration, “Reflect, Rejoice, Renew: Celebrating 25 Years of Promoting Health and Well-Being for Black Women,” June 19-21, 2008, in Washington, D.C. More than 1,500 Black women and their families, health and [...]

What do we know about M.S. in Africans, Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans - very little • 
How many people of color have M.S.? • 
How many people of color are diagnosed with M.S. each year? • 
How many studies have been done on M.S. in communities of color? • 
How many African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, People of Asian, Pacifica Islander, decent etc… have M.S. and does their genetic heritage create a difference in the way the disease manifests itself, in the ways the medication works.• 

These are just some of the questions the Martin M.S. Alliance Foundation is working to answer as a main stay of our mission. 

Supporting efforts to improve the accuracy of statistics reflecting the number of people of color affected by M.S. Several days of research and we have come to the conclusion that these questions have yet to be addressed.  

The included are some what we were able to find are only the tip of an iceberg of questions that need to be addressed in order to create proper treatments and find a cure 

All studies can obtained from - PubMed – A Service of National Library of Medicine and the Natural Institutes of Health  indexed for MEDLINE

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